Jun 1, 2010

God, Fries & a Coke

Now before you slay me for blasphemy, here me out.

Over the last 2000 years Christianity has undergone huge changes. Christ was organized in his church, with apostles and prophets. Men traveled from all over to hear the the Savior. Then after his death the church in its meager beginnings was under heavy persecution due to the government. Men sacrificed for beliefs they had earned through hard work.

But where is sacrifice today? Why is religion (a broad generalization of Christianity, i know there are some who vary) fallen from the concept of sacrifice to an alternative road of convenience?

How do you choose which fast food place to eat at? You can claim nutrition but in all reality their all fat-bombs. You can say you like flavor but would you drive 20 minutes more to go to a Wendy's over a McDonald's? In all reality fast food is chosen almost always on convenience of location and cost. But this should not be our religious motivators.

I can't tell you how many times i've seen people who move into a new area, and they attend the neighborhood church. Not because of the doctrine, not because of the community, but because to go to the one that they would actually agree with the most might take a little more sacrifice.

So, here's the thing.... Lets stop treating God like a hamburger and do the work necissary to know Him. If we are going to go to church shouldn't it be the one we feel He wants us at? It makes me sad to think that men have been martyrs for the Lord but we can't drive across town to serve him best.